Is your organisation no longer meeting its competitive potential?
Are new competitors, regulations
or exogenous events shifting your profit zones?
Are you looking to create
new opportunities for growth?
We offer innovative solutions
That not only meet these challenges
but also enable you to ensure superior returns

ensure returns on innovations


As your digital partner,

we help you make the right decisions on innovative solutions

to shape tomorrow’s businesses and societies today.

be one step ahead

Between Resilience, Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0, we have positioned ourselves at the forefront and our mission is to put you in the lead.

offer cost-efficient innovation

We offer you the competitive advantages that come from innovation with both limited risks and shorter return-on-innovation processes.

To deliver innovative and high-performance solutions

we have designed
a unique offer
based on 3 linked pillars

our own methodology
to ensure superior returns

From design to implementation and optimisation, we have developed OUR OWN METHODOLOGY based on “Six Sigma” and “Design For Six Sigma”.

Our methodology is part of our APPROACH: for each project, we apply the same three-step approach, and for each step, the different modules of our methodology, with the appropriate level of detail.

Our approach and methodology allow us to conscientiously optimise the resources you will invest (time, people and finances) in the project and aim to meet expectations with the utmost diligence.

We can then remove some barriers from the outset(*):

– We can commit ourselves to a range of results, from start to completion
The study carried out during stage 1 is for free

(*) Subject to conditions

a unique TOOLBOX
that helps to innovate
and be more competitive

We have built a TOOLBOX using the latest IT TECHNOLOGIES.

We have selected tools that can:

1. Solve your challenges faster, with innovative but proven techniques and technologies.

Most of the technologies we use are listed here.

2. Enable you to be more competitive, more efficient and more compliant.

3. Be quickly deployed, highly intuitive, collaborative and much more.

Some tools are customisable platforms running automated processes, others are SDKs or intuitive turnkey solutions.

Our toolbox is generic enough to offer solutions in a wide range of areas.

The most effective company setup
in the innovation field

We are the first company in the greater region bringing together:

– European high-flying startups and scaleups
– Recognized Integrators
– Business Experts
– Specialists in Financing Solutions

They are all experts in their field.

We have set up this EFFECTIVE ECOSYSTEM with unrivalled expertise in new technologies to easily provide you with strong skills at all stages of the project, from initialisation, to implementation and return on investment.

Another important point concerns our values and ethics:

We strive to design only solutions to help people in their daily lives, to make their work easier and safer, and not to replace them.

We cover areas as diverse as:


We are driven by
innovation and technologies

We centralise all these technologies and techniques

Internet of Things

IOTs enable obvious and
timely decision making

Immersive technology

Emulate a physical world with
Virtual and Augmented Reality


Geographical positioning
and location services


Automatically applies
consensual decisions

enterprise knowledge graphs

Put the data in the right context to allow in-depth and further data analysis

We know that novelty is not always complicated, it is simply new,
and behind obscure words,
there is always a lighter translation

We can explain these technologies and techniques in simple terms

Data analytic Services

From (big) data preparation
to data visualisation

Artificial Intelligence

AI enables irregularity detection, predictive analytics and smarter, earlier decision making.

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

ML/DL (part of AI) allows
to predict or detect

Voice Assistant

(part of AI) Understands
and executes voice requests

Natural Language Understanding/Processing

NLU/NLP (part of AI) processs texts and written requests

Computer Vision

CV (part of AI) understands
and interprets human seeing

This whole site is about us,
but we want to know about you

Introduce your project
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