Our Innovative solutions

At Abductio, We Aim To Turn Challenges Into Solutions


We have Internet Of things (+150 IOT-sensor types), Geofencing kits, Computer Vision (CV) tools to understand and interpret human seeing, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) solutions for written texts, Voice Assistants for professionals and Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) tools and solutions to focus on human-computer interactions, knowledge graphs tools to put the data in the right context, one of the most effective Machine Learning (ML) platform for detecting and predicting events, and covering a very wide range of use cases, a Blockchain platform to outperform your supply chain, a hyper-collaborative central data hub, etc.

We are constantly spotting and evaluating solutions and technologies that can complement our current ones.

Our solutions are either turnkey solutions or tools in a pre-packaged format bundled with a software development kit (SDK). This allows us to use several of them, from one or more technologies, and deliver innovative solutions faster than average.

Most of our solutions offer the possibility to be installed on-premises or in SaaS mode.

Some solutions even allow retrofitting existing facilities without changing equipment.

To meet your expectations, each solution is bundled with our services.

We can provide

Range of uses and applications is almost unlimited. You will find some of them here.

If you cannot find yours or if you want more information, please contact us. 

solutions to optimise

A 360° optimisation of core activities

A 360° optimisation
of core activities

Our solutions allow core business optimisation thanks to a judicious combination of several innovative technologies, human expertise and data science.

We can help to better control performance and risk exposure, down to KPIs and KRIs and up to business strategy and enterprise risk management.


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New lean

From KPI improvement
to agile factories

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Financial Risk

Mainly for banks
and insurers

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Deliver a better
customer experience

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For public bodies and policy makers

solutions to boost

succeed in unimaginable market shifts

succeed in unimaginable
market shifts

Companies are facing increasing competition, volatile customer base, new disruptive business models and increasingly damaging events.

To be able to serve customers in this new normal, companies need to be innovative and agile, and above all, highly digital.

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Cut inefficiencies & innovate to grow

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Boost sales

Solutions to protect

Manage risk in real-time

Whether workers are on product lines, on construction sites or in offices, or whether customers or citizens are welcome in a public place, the role of a company or administration is to improve their safety and protect their health by taking into account all aspects of risks (technical, organisational, environmental and human).

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Smart Safety
& emergency

Decrease PSIF
Promote safety culture

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Environment and
public health

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Track and trace
Automate audits

Professional services

BI / DE / DS / INT / DEV

Our solution offering includes a wide range of services from planning and strategy to design, implementation, adoption, training, performance measurement and ongoing support.

With Professional Services only, we provide services for dedicated or one-off projects or short to medium-term IT assignments in :
– Business Intelligence (BI)
– Data engineering and Big Data (DE)
– Data Science (DS)
– Ad hoc software development based on the technologies we offer (DEV)
– Ad hoc integration of the technologies we offer into your environment (INT)

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Business Analytics
& BI Services

Use data to provide KPIs and KRIs, often in charts, to support decision making.

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Data Engineering

Set up data flows between sources and data storage. Collect and prepare (big) data.

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data science

Build data models with machine learning to transform raw data into meaningful information.

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development & integration

dev & integration services

Provide SW development and integration of our solutions into your environment.

We are driven by innovation & technologies

Novelty is not always complicated, it is “simply new”. And behind obscure words, there is always a lighter translation.

We will therefore welcome opportunities to explain innovative technologies in simple terms and to share best practice in workshops.

Internet of Things

IOTs enable obvious and
timely decision making

Immersive technology

Virtual and Augmented Reality
emulate the physical world


Provide positioning and
geographical location

collaborative Blockchain

Automatically apply
consensual decisions

enterprise knowledge graphs

Put the data in the right context
for in-depth and further analysis

Artificial Intelligence

We provide
the following AI technologies:

Machine Learning

ML/DL (part of AI) detects events,
performs predictive analysis

Automatic Speech Recognition

ASR (part of AI) understands
and executes voice requests

Computer Vision

CV (part of AI) understands
and interprets human seeing

Natural Language Processing

NLU/NLP (part of AI) process texts
and written requests