our approach and services

At Abductio, Innovation is not limited to exploration

We are focused on your satisfaction and on efficiency

To deliver solutions that solve challenges, we use our own methodology, based on the renowned “Six Sigma” and “Design For Six Sigma”, and extended it to 6 profiles:

1. the voice of customer (VOC)
2. the voice of business (VOB)
3. the voice of employees (VOE)
4. the voice of society (VOS)
5. the voice of IT (VOI)
6. and the voice of Finance (VOF)

This is why we have called our methodology “DF6V” for
“Design For 6 Voices”.

We also apply Lean management throughout our methodology.

In this way, we seek to reduce all forms of waste and at every stage of our DF6V methodology:

→  Step 1 – in the design of the solution, based on the ” study and analysis ” of your expectations

→ Step 2 – during the “Implementation and Deployment” of the solution

→ Step 3 –  when we reuse the tools (of the solution), in meeting your next expectations and then “ensure more returns on innovations”.

we can commit

Our approach and methodology


Our toolbox


Expertise of our ecosystem

They allow us to commit to a range of results and
to successfully implement the solution in your environment.

A big step forward
with innovative solutions

To implement innovative and result-oriented solutions, we have a stepwise approach:

Our aim is not to adjust your current environment with traditional solutions but to enable you to take a big step forward with innovative solutions.

Our expertise and experience offer you “INNOVATION” with the least amount of risk and the maximum benefit.


Study and Analysis

The goal of our study and analysis is to DESIGN the optimal solution


Deliver solutions for more Turnover, Profitability and Competitiveness


Limit your risks, increase your success and even commit to results.


We want to remove barriers
right from the start.

By providing concrete answers
to the following key questions:

– Is it feasible and how?

– What are the most appropriate technologies or tools?

– What will be the expected benefits of the solution?

– What unique level of competitiveness provides the solution?

– Will it be user-friendly? When will it be ready for use?

– Will it be possible to integrate it into your environment

    with minimal impact or disturbance?

– Will it be simple to maintain? Will it be scalable?

– What is the budget required? How can it best be financed?

According to your area of interest or concern, you may have

1- A specific request:
Our “Study and Analysis” is very short and often consists of a single solution or tool.


2- A more global concern:
In this case, we study and present you with different scenarios that combine tools and solutions as seamlessly as possible, thanks to our expertise and our ecosystem of consultants, technologists, IT companies and financiers, all experts in their field. Together, we design the most effective solution.


We want to remove barriers right from the start.

At different levels (technical feasibility, implementation, scalability, ease of use and management, results).

the solution in the most optimal way for you.

*Please contact us for more information
on the Terms & Conditions of our unique offer.

implementation and deployment

"Enabled by technology but shaped by people"

The feasibility of a project may depend on technology,
but its success always and above all depends on people.

This is why at Abductio we believe in the synergy of skills and knowledge.

We therefore set up a high-performance ecosystem of consultants, technologists, I.T. companies and financiers who are all experts in their field.

a team of experts

Members of our ecosystem

A complete project

From conception to adoption

a safe boost

For a confident start

our commitment to you

For each project, we appoint a team consisting of different members of our ecosystem;

This team works on the project from conception, through implementation, operation and up to adoption;

This pool of technical and technological knowledge prevents your teams from being overloaded by the implementation of the solution;

Thanks to this knowledge, we relieve the risks inherent in innovation and allow you to move beyond the exploration stage and enter into production safely;

We train and can carry out the necessary skills transfers.

Ensure more Returns on innovative solutions


of your investment



More returns

Using innovative solutions more profitably

More than maintenance

After implementation, we can carry out the maintenance of the solution.


But that is not all, our solutions are designed to tap into new markets, provide innovative business services or at least optimise your financial performance.


We therefore pursue our mission by bringing more.

We ensure the solution delivers the expected performance by measuring it in practice

Each solution includes in its deliverables a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics to benchmark improvements and progress.

They are also used to calculate:

An attractive ROI (Return On Investment)
A convincing ROE (Return on Experience)

But not only that, our core goal is to take you further and “ensure more returns on innovative solutions”.

Ever more returns

Any new solution in a company, especially if it is innovative, is a source of investment.

We will conclude our mission by advising you on how you can get more out of your investment in your freshly implemented solution.