About us

the most efficient company's set-up for innovation

Ensure more return on innovation

ABDUCTIO was founded to help its clients ensure maximum returns, with new technologies and innovative solutions, while decreasing concerns usually experienced in innovation.

To do so, we have established a unique ecosystem of companies with expertise in innovative and cutting-edge technologies that are based in the Greater Region or 2 hours away from you. This allows us to offer unrivalled local expertise.

Our ecosystem brings together:

1- European startups and scale-ups with unrivalled expertise in new technologies (IOT/IIOT, AR/VR, Geofencing, Blockchain, ML/DL, Voice Assistant, NLU/NLP, Computer Vision, etc.)
2- Leading IT services companies
3- Experts in your field
4- Companies specialist in financing solutions


Thanks to our ecosystem, methodology and toolbox, we have the most efficient set-up in the field of innovation.


The latest
IT technologies

an ecosystem
of experts

25 years
of experience

making the most
of innovative solutions

Why abductio?

There are many innovative solutions currently available on the market

On the one hand, they can bring tremendous value

→ Boost turnover and profitability;

→ Strengthen competitiveness;

→ Change the business landscape.

On the other hand, they are still perceived as

→ Time-consuming and costly, with no guarantee of results;

→ New difficulties and additional technological complication;

→ Anxiety-provoking changes.

This is why ABDUCTIO has paid particular attention to the selection of startups and their solutions
that “do not leave innovation at the exploration stage”.


In our selection of solution designers, we have taken the following minimum criteria into account:

1/ European startups or scaleups

2/ Advanced in their field

3/ Recognised by their peers

4/ Investing significantly in RDI to continuously innovate

5/ Successful installations for demanding companies


We have selected technology solutions:

1/ that focus on results and efficiency

2/ with distinctive features and strengths
the most important one is “Human centric”

3/ fully compliant with the GDPR regulation

4/ user-friendly

5/ quick to implement and simple to maintain

6/ that do not disrupt your IT or corporate culture

If you are a solution provider

If you design innovative IT solutions and would like to join our ecosystem, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Wondering What does "ABDUCTIO" stand for?

The logic of discovery

ABDUCTIO comes from  “abduction“, known by other names such as: “inference of the best explanation”, “retroduction”, “hypothesis reasoning”, “innovation thinking“ and the “logic of discovery”.

But first and foremost, abduction is one of the three main types of inference:

– In practice, logical reasoning is often limited to rigorous reasoning, where the conclusion necessarily results from the premises, i.e. the “deduction”.

– However, there are two other significant inferences, “induction” and “abduction”: abduction is the one that requires the most collection of knowledge.

In deductive inferences, what is inferred is necessarily true if the premises are true.

The conclusion of a deductive inference is certain:

e.g., “All androids are robots” and “James is an android”

So, “James is (certainly) a robot”.

 In inductive inferences, premises are considered to provide evidence of the truthfulness of the conclusion.

The conclusion of an inductive inference is probable (with a % of accuracy) and based on multiple observations :

e.g., “James is an android and a robot” and “John is an android and a robot” and “Justin is an android and a robot

So, “all androids are (probably) robots”.

In abductive inferences, the goal is to infer the most plausible premises that lead to a conclusion consistent with observations. Abductive conclusions are therefore described as “the best available” or “the most plausible”:

e.g., “All androids are robots” and “James is a robot”

So, “James is (plausibly) an android”.

In cognitive psychology, abduction is an intuitive thinking that removes improbable solutions.