Abductio in a nutshell

Abductio, a new kind of “Digital Partner”

Firstly, because the company is dedicated to innovation and new technologies. Secondly, because it is committed to ensuring the success of its solutions and the results they bring. Although this is a strong argument for decision-makers, it is above all the main reason why Abductio was founded: we want to offer innovation, without worry, and with maximum return on investment.

The underlying objective is perfectly clear: help our clients to be more competitive and faster.


Couldn’t systems integrators offer this type of solution?

Yes, certainly, but not with an offer equivalent to Abductio’s.

We run innovation-oriented projects with new technologies. For our clients, this could mean more risk and resources consumed for results that are not necessarily guaranteed. Today, very few systems integrators are able to advise, install and commit to the success of this type of project as Abductio does. In particular, this implies a particular set-up and the use of an appropriate methodology.


We had to start from scratch

For the methodology, it was not the initial approach. We had first patiently evaluated several methodologies and none of them met our expectations. So we opted to develop our own, without rethinking everything. We cleverly extracted some elements from the best methodologies.

Thanks to our methodology, we can now offer our clients quick and tangible results. On top of this, we start each project with a free feasibility and return on investment (ROI) study. This study allows our clients to value our expertise and to check in advance the potential of a project. That seems so important and obvious nowadays, don’t you think?


What do your solutions offer that others do not?

For a year, we evaluated more than a hundred startups and selected only ten of them after having tested their solutions. These solutions are today the Abductio “toolbox”. I would like to point out that our partner startups are software editors who are highly specialised in their field and exclusively European. All of them offer solutions that are both innovative and pragmatic. Their solutions are already being used by major companies that are often very demanding.

All the solutions in our toolbox are therefore excellent solutions in themselves. Firstly, because they meet many needs and problems. Secondly, and this is a unique feature of Abductio, we have chosen them because they are complementary and allow us to address a wide range of topics: our clients do not have to reinvest for other needs. This gives us the satisfaction of offering both the best solutions and the best skills.

Our clients can then innovate without having to deploy ambitious and expensive IT projects.

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